About IconicFX

About IconicFX

We are very pleased to welcome you to one of the leading financial sites. We hope you will enjoy the many features and services available here. We are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce IconicFX to you and your organization.

We believe that the information you can access on this site will provide you with a broad overview of our wide range of trading services IconicFX was founded by financial market veterans to offer online traders direct access to the global Foreign Exchange (FX), Exchange For Physical (EFP), Metals and OTC markets.

IconicFX's service is uniquely suited for the small- to mid-sized trader who speculates in the market for profit. This group includes institutional investors such as money managers, hedge fund traders, as well as high net worth individuals. As a market maker, IconicFX provides consistent liquidity to our client base via a real time Internet-based trading platform.

IconicFX offers its revolutionary online trading platform to allow clients to deal directly from live, streaming quotes. IconicFX clients also enjoy 24-hour trading, competitive dealing spreads, and minimal commission or transaction fees. IconicFX Investment is among the few independent market makers to offer this combination of superior dealing practices and split second executions.

IconicFX Investment has gained a strong position in the online trading arena and has clients in more than 50 countries worldwide. Our international profile and experience forms the basis of our activities that can be concisely described as follows: Individual service, competitive pricing and efficient trade execution, 24 hours a day. Whether you wish to trade Foreign Exchange (FX), Exchange For Physical (EFP), Metals or OTC markets.

IconicFX Investment is the right choice for investors who appreciate the traditional values of dedicated service combined with cutting-edge technology. IconicFX Investment has representative and affiliate offices in a number of countries worldwide. A large number of clients enjoy the advantages of our comprehensive services every day. It is our hope that you will also choose to benefit from our experience when conducting your financial transactions - whether these are related to investment advice, risk hedging or just the best possible execution of your trades.

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