IconicFX eBroker

IconicFX eBroker

What is IconicFX E-Broker?

IconicFX E-Broker is suitable for the account managers that wish to trade for multiple accounts at the same time, at the same price; IconicFX E-Broker was built to do so. Just list your accounts, you will find a one click login, for them all, three ways to distribute amounts, and then you are one click far to trade to them all.

With the ability to Trade Market, place limits, add stops, account list saving, account list importing, fare amount distribution methodologies, that's all you need if you are an account manager.

Why to use IconicFX E-Broker?

IconicFX E-Broker, is another client station, for trading on multiple accounts, so, you can use it any time for your trading market, limits and stops.

Managing your account using IconicFX E-Broker, will allow you to monitor the account summaries, distribute the deals between your accounts over three strategies; equal partials, According to Equity, and according to effective margin, between your accounts list.

How to use IconicFX E-Broker

After installing the IconicFX E-Broker at your windows based PC, double click the icon to run it, a three parts window will open, containing a Market Watch, An Order details area, and an Accounts list, Login your accounts one by one or import them from a file, from the Main Menu -> Load from file.

Go to the market order tab, fill your order information, select your distribution method, and then, click on buy or sell to perform the order, for all the accounts.

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